Triratna System of Practice Day Retreat

- On Spiritual Rebirth

Sunday 12th August 2018

Times 10am till 5pm

Open to All

Cost: £20 (Concessions available)

This is the fourth of a series of five Day Retreats looking in detail at the Triratna System of Practice. On this day we will be exploring the dimension of Spiritual Re-Birth.

The day will be led by Bodhivamsa and will give us the opportunity to spend more time in meditation and reflection allowing us to work on changing our minds and actions.

Spiritual Re-Birth means creating new positive habits in our lives and being more creative in our thinking and behaviour.

We will be looking at the Buddhanusmrti practise, a visiualisation practice that brings the Buddha into sharp focus so that we can learn directly from his experience and progress towards Enlightenment.

This practice is especially useful to those who are considering ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order and thus will be taking on a saddhana practice in the future.

Please bring vegetarian food to share