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Bodhivamsa is the Chair of the Ipswich Buddhist Centre.

Padmaloka Wesak Shrine


There are many people in this world that we have cause to thank, to whom we should show gratitude.  This is especially so when those people and institutions help us progress on a spiritual path. It is sometimes good to look back at those that have helped us along the… Read More »Gratitude

…and so we adapt!

My old car has just failed its MOT, it has changed from being a ‘car’ to being a collection of scrap metal. The garage spoke to me kindly, in a gentle voice, like a relative or pet had just died. We went through the list of its ailments, with the… Read More »…and so we adapt!

Growth and Development

For a number of reasons I have, in the last few days, had to write some papers concerning Growth and Development.  It is interesting to reflect on Growth in general, especially as we start to move into spring.  Daffodils and snowdrops are emerging and there are again signs of new… Read More »Growth and Development

Vajrasana Update

You may have seen in the local papers that the Vajrasana Retreat Centre is up for sale and you might be concerned that Vajrasana will no longer be available to us for retreats in the peaceful Suffolk countryside.  Centres and other Institutions of Triratna have mostly been managing to financially… Read More »Vajrasana Update

Charity change

On Thursday 14th January 2021 the Centre trustees made the final decision, and signed the necessary documents to change the type of charity so that we become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).  This has been a long process taking about 3 years of head scratching and legal conundrums.  There are… Read More »Charity change

Seeing Beyond the Familiar

Looking back over the past year 2020, I can see much sadness and desperation. The COVID pandemic has meant, for many of us, great disruption to our lives. We started the year as usual, thinking all would plod along as normal and maybe we would adjust our lives a little… Read More »Seeing Beyond the Familiar

A different (Christmas) presence

My family expectantly listened to the news recently. They were waiting, like many, for the details of what the Covid restrictions would be in-force over the winter holiday period. The childish enthusiasm and excitement my grown-up daughters have for this event has not waned over the many years we have… Read More »A different (Christmas) presence

International Sangha Day

A Festival of Light: 28th November What does Sangha mean to you? Most of the time our sense of Sangha is naturally focused around our local situation, our local Centre or group, perhaps even our circle of Sangha friends within that. But you are also part of a global Sangha… Read More »International Sangha Day

See the Beauty

Autumn is now upon us, giving a hint of the winter weather to come. I always find this time of year beautiful. The trees putting on a show of autumn colour can sometimes stop me in my tracks, making me realise how beautiful the world around me can be. It… Read More »See the Beauty

From lockdown to enlightenment

From lockdown to enlightenment Since early on in the history of Buddhism there has been a notion that you need a certain set of good conditions to achieve Nirvana or Enlightenment. In some of the Asian Buddhist countries, such as China, Korea and Japan, this was taken to the extreme.… Read More »From lockdown to enlightenment