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Generosity is a central Buddhist practice

The Ipswich Buddhist Centre offers something that is priceless: the teachings of the Buddha in a supportive context. Many of us have benefited immensely from these teachings and are inspired to pass them on.

Our aim is to inspire a culture of generosity that will pervade the community for our mutual benefit. So, rather than charge directly, we ask you to contribute however you can.

The Centre needs time, skills, friendship & finance

To see how you can contribute just ask someone at a class that seems to be doing that. Maybe they are running or supporting a class or making the tea.

Also check out our newsletter and Facebook for current opportunities to help.

Giving financially

Our routine classes are given free of charge however the Centre needs funds to run. To give you an idea, The Centre costs about £100 a day to run which all comes from donations.

People coming to The Centre sometimes can’t afford to give financially and, if that is the case for you at the moment, we still very much welcome you.

You can give by putting money in the Dana Bowl at classes. This is really appreciated. It’s  immediate and tangible. However our bedrock is the recurring income from a regular standing order. It really helps us if you can give that way.

To do so, fill in the form on this page and we will get back to you with details. To give by direct debit or Paypal please use the link below. Both methods will let you set up an individual or regular donation.

As a registered charity, if you are a UK Tax payer we can gain an extra 25% from the government by Gift Aid.

Regular or one-off donations by PayPal or card

Please ensure that you add a note when making any donation on PayPal so that our finance team know what your donation is for (e.g. one-off donation, monthly donation, paying for a t-shirt, etc).

It would be much appreciated if you could drop a quick email to after making the donation!

Boost your donation with Gift Aid

As a registered charity, your donation is worth an extra 25% to us if you Gift Aid it simply by completing our Gift Aid Form.


The Buddhist word ‘Dana’ means generosity. Generosity is a simple and effective means to go beyond oneself and is an essential part of Buddhist practice.

Contribute regularly 

Our core income is from recurring payments by people who make regular use of The Centre. If this is you please be sure to contribute. Thank you.

(Note that the amounts below really do only cover core costs. Please give seperately for Festivals Days and Special Events.)

Please provide a number you can be reached on
You must answer this question to use this form. *Triratna Buddhist Community (Ipswich) Charity No. 1023335

A Lasting Legacy

Remembering the Ipswich Buddhist Centre in your Will is a really powerful way of supporting The Centre’s work. These gifts, in particular, help The Centre to grow and develop extending its reach for future generations.

When you are next renewing your Will please help carry the Dharma forward in Ipswich and Suffolk by remembering the Buddhist Centre. 

Our charity is called ‘Triratna Buddhist Community (Ipswich)’. 

Charity No. 1023335