Kung Fu -Wing Chun Kung Fu
with Master Matt Robbins

Mon 7-9pm (except Bank Holidays) - see detail below

This class tends to be at capacity. Before attending, please email Matt (the course instructor) , who will advise if there are places available.

Build awareness and self-confidence with Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu classes are open to anyone aged 14 years and over. No prior knowledge of martial arts - or any specific level of fitness - is required.

All new students are entitled to two free introductory sessions.

Dress is informal, but clean indoor only shoes are required for training within the Buddhist Centre. Clothes that allow free movement- such as
t-shirts, tracksuit trousers and trainers etc. - are recommended.


e-mail Matt (Course Instructor) at admin@evergreenhallselfdefence.com


Classes are held every Monday (except Bank Holidays)
from 7-9pm.

-7.00-8:00pm Grades 1 and 2

-8:00-9:00pm Grades 3 and above.

Students are able to attend the full three-hour session (at no extra cost), but those who have not yet passed their second grade are encouraged to train for the second hour with minimal instruction; this is to expedite student progression.


All new students are entitled to two free introductory sessions of Wing Chun Kung Fu at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre, courtesy of Evergreen Hall Self-Defence Ltd.

Students will then be able to pay for subsequent lessons by one of the two following options:

- Monthly Plan* 25.00 pounds by standing order each calendar month (Evergreen Hall Self Defence Limited sort code 20-19-97; account number 53994058). This is equivalent to 7.14 pounds per lesson based on 42 lessons per year.

- PAYG (Three Lessons). 30 pounds for three lessons, (equivalent to 10 pounds per session) either in cash or by bank transfer (Evergreen Hall Self Defence Limited sort code 20-19-97; account number 53994058).

Other than the costs of gradings and the lessons, there are no additional fees. Branded T-shirts and jumpers are available for purchase, but these are not required to be worn for the lesson.

Lesson Structure

Although there is no set structure for each lesson, teaching will primarily focus on the techniques and drills within the grading structure of the Evergreen Hall Self-Defence Limited Wing Chun Kung Fu system.
Students will additionally have the opportunity to engage in:

  • Sparring
  • Chi-Sau (contact response training)
  • Bag and pad work
  • Scenario training
  • Meditation
  • Breathing and energy work

What is Kung Fu, and what is Wing Chun?

Kung Fu was developed by the Shaolin monks to counter the lack of physical fitness arising from the sedentary nature of Buddhist meditation; the art was further practised by the monks in order that they could defend themselves.

Wing Chun has been made famous by exponents such as Grandmaster Ip Man and Bruce Lee. It is a principle-based, close-range martial art, one that teaches students to control their opponents as quickly and efficiently as possible. Wing Chun practitioners are able to neutralise their opponents by employing simple blocking and parrying techniques, redirecting energy, and making use of structural and positional tactics to gain and maintain an advantage. Wing Chun is therefore suited to people of all ages (over 14), builds and abilities.

Wing Chun Kung Fu can improve the following:

  • Self-confidence
  • Reflexes
  • General health and mobility
  • Awareness of self and of others
  • The ability to respond appropriately to any physical confrontation.

*Terms and Conditions for Monthly Plan.

1. Payment is to be made each month, regardless of the number of lessons being held in that particular month.

2. Payment is to be received by the first day of the month, and is non-refundable. If payment is not received on the first day of the month, the PAYG option remains available.

3. No notice is required to end the Monthly Plan, as no contract is to be signed.

Evergreen Hall Self-Defence Limited. Registered office: 185 Gloucester Avenue, Chelmsford, CM2 9DX. Company number 11232546.

Further information

Please visit www.evergreenhallselfdefence.com or >br>e-mail Matt (Course Instructor) at admin@evergreenhallselfdefence.com

You can follow Matt on Facebook and Instagram (@evergreenhallselfdefence), on Twitter (@evergreenhallsd), or on LinkedIn.

Matt Robbins


Matt began studying Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1997; he began to teach the art in 1999. In 2011, Matt attained his Master's Grade from the European Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association, and his Level 10 Instructor's Grade from Grandmaster William Cheung's Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.

Matt has been teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre since 2003.