Padmasambhava Day

Sunday 6th October 10:30 - 16:0

Padmsambhava is an historical figure who established Buddhism in Tibet. He exists in history but he also exists at the centre of Tibetian Buddhism as a mythical being that Tibetian Buddhists believe is a second Buddha. This festival day celibrate explores his contribution and importance to Buddhism and the Triratna method and approach to Buddhism

Suitable if you are ok with Buddhist Ritual or would like to stretch your wings a bit.

  1. 10:00 Doors open
  2. 10:30 Morning Session
  3. 10:30 Dedication Ceremony
  4. 10:15 Lead Meditation: Mindfulness of Breathing
  5. 10:50 Tea
  6. 11:10 Three Short Talks and a discussion:
  7. Introduction: ThMany aspects to Padmasambhava, we will have three gentle 15 minute talks on the following.
  8. Padmasambhava as the Hero
  9. Padmasambhava as the Transformer
  10. Qualities of Padmasambha in Sangharakshita and the order
  11. 12:00 Lead discussion in groups.
  12. 13:00 Vegan Lunch to share. Please bring along something to share if you can
  13. 14:15 Afternoon Session
  14. 14:15 Meditation
  15. 14:40 Noisy PadmaSambhava Puja based on senhold puja with readings from the life of Padmasambhava
  16. 16:00 Tidy up and Finish