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On Becoming a Mitra – Sean, Holly, Rachael & Sue

Sean, Holly, Rachael & Sue reflect on their experience of becoming a Mitra


Returning to the center in mid-July last year, after a bit of a long absence, I finally found my way back after somewhat of a conflicted and chaotic life. I returned with a warm welcome of beaming smiles from old and new friends, and a sense of belonging, a sense of ‘returning home’.

I decided to do the Part 1 and 2 courses and now I’m in the Foundation Year of the Mitra study course. From this, my life has changed for the better and with the love of our supportive sangha, I still am able to grow and become a more calm and collected version of myself.

I still can’t describe how I felt at the Mitra ceremony, but the love and gratitude that was shown to myself, and my 3 dear friends, will live with me for the rest of my life.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my spiritual journey with this beautiful sangha and exploring this sense of home, sense of peace


I found my way to the Buddhist Centre in Ipswich following a trip to Thailand. I wanted to find out what it was all about. Since then, I have formed friendships within the Sangha, completed my Part 1 course and started my Foundation Year. It has brought calm and comfort to my, at times, turbulent life.

I am not sure I can find the words to describe how special our Mitra Ceremony was, it will stay with me forever. Surrounded by loved ones and our dear Sangha, such love in one room was quite a sight.

I am so glad I decided to walk into the Centre that day and look forward to learning more in the future.


Two years ago I stepped through the door of the Buddhist Centre, I came for the meditation, my life had been full of stress for a number of years and it was beginning to affect my health. I thought the meditation might help.

Doing it as a group in the Shrine room with the Sangha was a wonderful experience, I loved it, and found it helpful, but I also became intrigued about the Dharma, it made so much sense and I felt compelled to learn more.

I am grateful how these ideas have trickled out to every part of my life. I am grateful too, for the caring Sangha, for the safe space we have to discuss, debate and later reflect.

I wish to be able to live life in the present, have awareness of the little things around me, to be kind with my words and actions, and to cultivate loving kindness to all.

I have only just begun this exciting journey and am happy that I am on the path with a wonderful Sangha and three other beautiful Mitra’s by my side, I know we will support each other along the sometimes bumpy road. My wish is to continue to go forward on my spiritual journey and see where it takes me.


Several years ago, (in my twenties), I came to the IBC for an open day with my sister. Here, we engaged in meditation, were welcomed by the Sangha and learned a bit about the Dharma. Since then, I have dipped in-and-out of the Centre and Buddhist practice.

Last year, following some stressful events, my conditions changed a fair bit as well as me realising I had a strong drive to make compassion, ethics and critical thinking a lifestyle choice. Once again, I returned to the Centre.

I was welcomed and felt at home. When I spoke about my more personal thoughts and feelings about the world, people seemed to understand what I was saying and meant. I felt heard. The more authentic I became with my practice, the more connection I felt with the Sangha and the Dharma. My meditation practice revealed a depth that it had not had before.

Although challenging at times, something just felt very right. So I adopted the precepts more consciously, leading me to feeling like becoming a Mitra was the next step. The response of the Sangha to my decision was supportive but not pressuring, and it felt like a genuinely personal choice. The Mitra ceremony was quite surreal, and I still find it hard to describe…a truly significant event in my spiritual journey and I look forward to the next chapter.