Shingle Street Retreat for Men

Fri 11th Oct (5:00pm) - Fri 18th Oct (3:30pm)

A Retreat for Men in the atmospheric surroundings of Shingle Street. The Retreat runs from Friday the 11th to Friday the 18th, and you are welcome to attend for just the initial weekend, the 5 day week from Sunday evening, or the whole period

Price: Probably around £25 per day (to be confirmed)

Concessions: Discuss with organiser

The cottage is situated 100 yds from the sea on the Shingle bank. Very basic amenities, no electricity, but gas providing hot water, cooking and fridge. The cottage can only accomodate 9, so reserve a place early if you wish to attend. You will need to bring bedding, towel and maybe a swimming costume!

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