Thursday evenings at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre

Thursday evenings at the Buddhist Centre are now our new Dharma Study Night

The evening is delivered in six week modules. The current module is on Buddhist Ethics as covered in year one of the Mitra study book and is led by Carumani.

These module are suitable for those that have some understanding of the Dharma as covered in our level 1 and level 2 courses. Note the 19:00 start.

Please contact Bodhivamsa beforehand by email at chairman@ipswichbuddhistcentre.org.uk if you want to attend

On thursday evenings we now provide a way of studying the first year of the mitra study course. This course is available to mitras and those considering becoming a mitra and gives a very good understanding of Buddhism and Triratna teachings. The course requires participants to study the material provided at home before each class and bring along any questions or points for discussion. The ‘home- work’ usually involves reading about 4 pages of text and spending some time reflecting on that material. There may also be further reading or exploration of the study subject that could be completed if you have time.

The course is made up of 6 modules and each module takes approximately 6 weeks to complete. The modules will be interspersed with other complementary activities on a thursday evening such as Mitra ceremonies and visiting speakers. Thus the 6 modules will be spread throughout the year. People are welcome to attend any of the 6 modules, but most benefit will be gained by attending the modules sequentially and completing all six modules. It is intended to run the 6 modules every year whilst required.

Please note that people attending will be asked to commit to come along for the whole of a module. Also because of the preparatory work required by those attending, people cannot just drop-in to an evening.

Who should attend?

The mitra study course, as its name suggests, is intended for those that have become a mitra and wish to take their understanding of Triratna and Buddhism deeper. However, the first year of the 4 year mitra study programme, is also available to those who have completed the Level1 and Level2 Buddhism courses, or have been coming along to the centre for some time. If you are not sure whether you meet that criteria then please do get in touch with to discuss your individual situation.

The course is led by various order members from the centre who have many years experience of leading study groups. The first module was led by Bodhivamsa the Centre chairman and the upcoming one (Jan 2019), on ethics will be led by Carumani.

The study will run from 7pm until 9:30pm and will be held at the centre. The course is provided free on a dana basis, but we do ask that people attending, wherever possible, take out a regular monthly donation to the Centre.

The topics covered in each 6 week module:

  • Module1: Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels (Part 1)

  • Module2: Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels (Part 2)

  • Module3: Ethics

  • Module4: Meditation

  • Module5: Wisdom

  • Module6: Buddhism and Triratna, Devotional Practice

The mitra study course material that we will be using is available for free online at https://thebuddhistcentre.com/mitra/; although a donation to freeBuddhistAudio will help to keep the material available to all. You can also purchase a printed version at http://www.lulu.com/shop/triratna- buddhist-community/dharma-training-course-year-one/paperback/product- 23103955.html

If you are interested in attending the dharma night courses or have questions about it, then please get in touch by emailing chairman@ipswichbuddhistcentre.org.uk.

If you think you are not quite ready for the Dharma Night study then you will be pleased to know that our popular Level 1 Buddhism course is starting again in the spring. It is likely to be held on thursday evening or saturday afternoon for 6 weeks. More information about this entry level course can be obtained from Kusaladana, email: kusaladana@gmail.com

And finally, please don’t forget our regular practice night on fridays continues to run and is a good way to connect with other members of the sangha. Sharing ritual, chanting and meditation together. The practice starts at 7:30pm and finishes at 9pm