About Meditation

Meditation is a way of becoming calmer, open and alive to our moment-to-moment experience. With the increased awareness that this brings we are able to leave behind stressful and limiting states of mind and the suffering they bring.

Awareness brings with it the ability to choose a more satisfying and fulfilling way of being. Whether it is peace of mind that one is looking for, or a deeper insight into our very nature and a radical transformation, then meditation is a profound tool.

A regular meditation practice builds up like drops of water filling a pot. We free ourselves gradually from self- limiting habits and states of mind. Meditation supports us to act and to live the life we would wish.

We teach two simple but profound meditation practices that are as old as Buddhism itself:

Mindfulness of Breathing, which calms our mind and gathers our awareness into the present moment.

Metta Bhavana, or 'development of loving kindness', which helps us to develop friendliness for others and ourselves.

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