Yoga with Big Sky Yoga (Angie Lee-Foster)

Yoga is a mind body practice centred around breath, energy and awareness. It is a practice of becoming more intimately connected to our moment by moment experience.

Through an approach which draws on the richness of mindfulness, the slow subtleties of somatic movement, and the heritage of classical hatha yoga, Angie harness thirty years of movement teaching and six years of training, to enable you to find ease and well being.

Her approach aims to encourage a sense of wholeness where we feel balanced and in harmony with ourselves. This inward process of self awareness which integrates breath, mind and body brings a considered approach to help you feel at ease.


Yoga is delivered through occasional workshops. All proceeds go to the Ipswich Buddhist Centre.

Booking essential at www.bigskyyoga.co.uk

Classes are suitable for all levels and are open to all adults. Equipment provided.
Book at http://www.bigskyyoga.co.uk/special-events.html

Angie Lee-Foster

For more information please contact Angie for more info.: