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Grand Auction of Promises
Friday 14th May 7:30pm
List of Lots

'Exclusive promises for experiences &
services you just can't buy on the High Street!'

Please bid freely in support of Indian order members, some of whom have would have been guiding our pilgrimage, but are instead supporting their communities to survive the pandemic that is hitting India so badly.

Don’t assume that the Lots will be taken in this order on the night. They won’t!

100 - A 3hr de-cluttering session

Abs offers three hours of decluttering and sorting in your home, garage or shed. "I look forward to giving you a hand! Let's find a date and time to suit".

101 - A professional cut and blowdry

Caroline would like to offer a haircut and blowdry. She is a mobile hairstylist so it would be a home visit.

102 - 4 hours labouring

Have a job you need doing or need help with? Now is your chance to get it done by a very capable and versatile worker. Your four hours labouring could include jobs around the house, shopping, house/furniture moving, trips to the recycling centre/landfill, fence painting, etc.

103 - A hand baked cake to share with friends

The weather will be getting warmer and you can now have up to 6 people in your garden. Why not welcome your friends back and spoil them with a handmade vegan or vegetarian cake (not iced) specially made by Carumani. Sit back and enjoy those precious moments with precious friends. The hard baking work will all be done for you.

104 - A 1hr sports massage by Luckhurst Injury Clinic

Ease your aches and pains with a one-hour sports massage at our clinic in Ipswich or Brandon.

105 - A specially selected food hamper

A food hamper containing hand-picked groceries tailored to any particular dietary needs ! You might discover a new favourite taste ! Items valued at least £20!

106 - Commission a piece of creative writing

Commission your own piece of writing - this could be around the Buddhist India/Pilgrimage or anything else that is currently inspiring you. Talk your ideas and thoughts through with Amoghavajra - you will have your very own unique piece of writing.

107 - A psychic awareness evening for 4-6 people

The evening will help people to open up their faculties and give a basic introduction to our psychic centres or chakras. Paul will join you and around four to six people as guests to share the evening at your home. It will consist of a short meditation followed by a longer meditation of around fifteen minutes and psychic exercises along with angel cards and animal cards. If time allows Paul will give a teaching on spiritual healing and demonstrate how to feel auras or the energy fields and he'd be open for a question and answer session. The session needs to be in or around Ipswich once social distancing guidence permits. Host to provide tea and biscuits.

108 - A two-hour pottery session

Have you ever wanted to have the chance to make your own piece of pottery? For when lockdown regs permit, Jnanamitra is offering a one-to-one pottery session in her studio in Ipswich. The finished piece of work will then be fired and glazed on the same day.

109 - Commission a piece of music with words

Have you ever wanted to have a piece of music written for you or a loved one? Cedric is offering to write a short piece of music. The poet songwriter Claire Hamburger will also be involved. He has previously had music played on Radio 1 and performed live at the Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich Waterfront, and the UEA. Within the limits of his range and the ability and the capability of his studio, the genre/style will be agreed with you. The piece will be supplied digitally or on CD. Click the picture to listen to Cedric's work

110 - Sailing on the River Orwell & Stour

A trip for up to four people on the river aboard Samphire with Carumani and Swadipa. Refreshments provided. Samphire is a 37 foot Hanse sailing vessel. Very safe and comfortable. We would explore some of the Rivers Orwell and Stour, or perhaps (depending on conditions) venture round to the backwaters behind Walton. We would likely be out for about 4hrs.

111 - Half a day of professional gardening

Do you have a bed you'd like cleared or planted? Is there a job you've been meaning to get to? Or would you just like someone to come and help you out for a few hours? Hard landscaping and working at height not available.

112 - Learn to play Wonderwall by Oasis on the guitar

The lucky winner will arrive at my house on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Enjoy a cuppa an catch-up, then we will spend an hour learning the song. Then have a Veggie Burger and chips. "Rest assured, no matter their musical ability, they will leave with a half-decent ability to knock out Wonderwall on the guitar!"

113 - Sunset kayaking & riverside picnic on the Stour near Dedham

Depending on conditions, you will be met at Dedham or Flatford to enjoy your vegan or vegetarian picnic* by the river, followed by a paddle into the setting sun. With luck you will be transported into the land that time forgot, a stretch of the Stour away from the crowds where time seems to have stood still.
* including a bottle of Nosecco (alcohol free Processo)

114 - 1hr Tai Chi class for two

The class will cover the general principles of Tai Chi and learning a short sequence of moves. There is room in Shubha’s garden for social distancing for the 2 people to come at the same time which we can arrange. Shubha has been doing Tai Chi for about 20 years and teaching for about 10. This picture was taken in the garden of the Buddhist community where she lived before coming to Ipswich.

115 - A private car for 100 miles

Do you know someone who would like to visit family or a friend or visit a much longed-for destination but not able to due to lack of transport? I will drive them. Mileage of 100 miles but this is negotiable. I will offer a bag-carrying service and a wheelchair pushing service if required. The individual/group of up to 3 can choose a song playlist for the journey or be offered a free audiobook to listen to. The date is subject to availability and to Covid regulations.

116 - A WildGinger Signature luxury body massage

A 90-minute professional body massage including hands & feet reflex points. The massage will take place at Rushmere in Ipswich.

117 – A chauffeur-driven outing in a classic motor car

Wendy & Gary offer a 2hr ride in either an Aston Martin DB7 Volante or a Pontiac Firebird  which is an American car (like the one featured in the film Smokey and The Bandit). Each car only takes one passenger. 

118 - A Vegan Curry Feast for two

Di offers to provide a vegan and gluten free curry for two people which can be eaten straight away like a takeaway, or stored in the fridge or freezer for later.It will comprise, Mushroom and Chickpea Curry, Cauliflower and Cashew Curry, Red Lentil Dahl, Basmati Rice, Poppadoms & Mango Chutney. The curries are garnished with fresh coriander (optional). If you don’t eat cashew nuts or any other of the ingredients, different vegetables can be substituted.

119 - Your old prints or slides on your phone

Up to 24 x 35mm slides or 12 prints, digitised and cleaned-up to provide you with digital images which you can share with friends and view on your phone, tablet or computer.

120 - Fireside Storytelling - Saturday 26th June 7-9pm

Be one of a select few (8 person max) sitting around a bonfire in Amoghavajra’s garden hearing and telling stories of the Buddha. You can either bring your own story to share or just sit and listen and be transported back to the time of the Buddha. Bring your own refreshments.

121 - Was Shakespeare a Buddhist?

Dayasara would like to offer a unique and exciting evening to consider parallels in the writings of Shakespeare and the Buddha’s teachings. Venue, date and time to be confirmed for when Covid restrictions allow up to 9 people to meet.

122 - An evening of creative writing

There’s a writer in all of us and Amoghavajra can help you discover that with an evening (1 1/2hrs) of creative writing. Come together to be inspired. Up to 7 participants - venue to be arranged and date of evening to be confirmed with participants - there is however a suggested date of Saturday 5th June 7pm.

123 - Half-day of professional gardening

Treat yourself to some help with any garden maintenance project. Perhaps you have been planning to transform an area of garden but have not had the time (excludes hard landscaping). This service is offered both within and beyond Ipswich. No need to supply tools or mower.

124 - 1hr professional musical session/lesson

Sue offers a 1-hour musical session/lesson at her studio in Hadleigh. Either a piano or singing lesson or with her accompanying you playing or singing. All sorts of music available. She has a studio so you can record your work or just come and have some musical fun!

125 - 1hr Yoga session (one-to-one or small group)

A Yoga session incorporating Hatha and Yin asanas along with Pranayama (breath work) and Dhyana (meditation) for a restorative well-being session. Over Zoom or at a small studio near Bury St Edmunds.

126 - Professional portrait session

A 2hr single or group portrait session on location or at my (small) photography studio in Melton. Includes refreshments, a set of digital images for sharing, three mounted prints at about 9"x6" and one larger up to approx. 12"x8". Additional prints will be available at cost plus a bit for the fundraiser. We will discuss in advance what you want from the session and how best to achieve the outcome you want.

127 - Five course meal for six in your own home

Mike will come to your house on a mutually agreed date, and to cook a five-course meal using the finest pulses, grains, vegetables, seaweeds and fruits, for up to six people.

128 - A chauffeur driven outing in a vintage Rolls Royce

Gary & Wendy offer a 2hr ride in their vintage 1937 Rolls Royce, The Rolls Royce can accommodate up to three passengers. Must be in East Anglia.

129 - Jacuzzi party for 4 with prosecco, strawberries and cream

Four hours. Afternoon or evening, relaxing in a jacuzzi with a strawbery cream tea and two bottles of Prosecco. Ipswich.

130 - A day of woodturning with lunch provided

An introduction to making beautiful items using woodturning. With one-to-one tuition in a Stowmarket workshop, you will learn how to select pieces of wood to turn, set up the lathe, different techniques, how to properly handle & sharpen chisels, and sanding & finishing techniques. Lunch and refreshments will be provided and of course, you also get to take the piece(s) you create home with you.

131 - An empowering personal development course

Over your favourite brew, in a private, confidential dedicated peaceful breathing space, take a short time-out pause to tap back into your infinite potential, use your flame of inner ambition to refocus on getting the result you want. Rediscover how to be your own pioneer, simplify your life, address anything holding you back, set out your next course of action all over three bespoke coaching sessions. Your course will start from June 12th 2021.

The auction will be live on Zoom from 7:30pm on Friday 14th May.

Music and entertainment provided but bring your own refreshments.