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Favourite Dharma content recommended by members of our Sangha

If you have a favourite Dharma read, listen or watch that you would like to recommend please send a pic and a few words using this link.

Buddhafield East

A personal response by Abs I came along to the Buddhist centre in 2010. I loved everything about the sangha and dharma, but the building is somehow a challenge for me. I often get headaches there and quite stressed. It

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Meditation in the Park

A personal response by Trish It was during the time of Covid that I first attended meditation in the park. I wasn’t sure about meditating outside. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to meditate with all the different

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‘The Myth of Meditation’ by Paramananda

recommended by Liz Farthing Restoring imaginal ground through embodied Buddhist Practice In his latest book The Myth of Meditation, Paramananda grounds us in the felt sense, connecting us to the earth through meditation. He encourages us to turn towards our

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‘Sailing the Worldly Winds’ by Vajragupta

recommended by Wendie Alexander A Buddhist Way Through the Ups and Downs of Life  This small, novella sized book gives the impression it’s just a quick and easy read but it actually has real depth and insight into the Dharma,

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The Breath by Vessantara

Recommended by Sheena Vessantara is one of my favorite Triratna authors. His relaxed writing style is very easy to read. The Breath is a short introduction to the Mindfulness of Breathing. Vessantara begins with exercises exploring the breath, before introducing

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The Essential Sangharakshita

recommended by Andy There is such a vast array of Buddhist Teachings I often wonder where to start? How do I make sense of it all?   Sangharakshita, our movement’s founder clearly understood these questions when he founded what was to

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‘Dipa Ma’ by Amy Schmidt

recommended by Lisa This is a biography of a remarkable woman known as Dipa Ma. In her lifetime she was seen as a great spiritual master and someone who reached profound levels of meditation, practice and insight. The biography goes

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‘Challenging Times’ by Vishvapani

recommended by Barbara A selection of moving accounts of life experiences in which ‘ordinary’ people find support from their Buddhist practice. Facing illness or chronic pain, meditating at Auschwitz, coming to terms with Alzheimer’s, forgiving a sister’s murderer: these powerful

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A Guide to the Buddhist Path by Sangharakshita

recommended by Ivan Not sure of the difference between…..? I highly recommend this easily accessible book for newbie beginners, Mitras and Order Members alike. A great introduction and reference book for all. A must-have, I believe. A Guide to the

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The Windhorse Colouring Book

Recommended by Ruth “If you ever wished that you could colour your way to Enlightenment, this is the book for you!” The Windhorse Colouring Book contains a series of line drawings by artist Aloka with accompanying words by local Dharmacharini

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