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‘Dipa Ma’ by Amy Schmidt

recommended by Lisa

This is a biography of a remarkable woman known as Dipa Ma. In her lifetime she was seen as a great spiritual master and someone who reached profound levels of meditation, practice and insight. The biography goes into her early life, the hardships she encountered and tragedies that befell her but despite these setbacks she had an absolute determination to learn the dharma and to practice. Not only that but she achieved all this in the midst of raising a family on her own, encountering hardships, ill health and all sorts of setbacks. 

This book has had a quite an effect on me since I read it, I often think of it and it inspires my practice to this day. Dipa Ma had an uncompromising approach to practice and she shows us that even in the midst of less than favourable conditions we just need to do it, to practice and to keep going. I find her story hugely inspiring and motivating. The biography is a collection of reminiscences from her students and those that knew her and from them one gets a sense of this amazing being.

Dipa Ma by Amy Schmidt at Windhorse publications