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The Library

Down at the Centre we have a physical library with books and papers you can borrow. On this page you will find some nuggets of Dharma teaching and other resources shared at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre. More soon.

January Visionary Luminary

The Sangha retreat in January 2021 led by Jnanmitra and Viryamati focussed on the three myths that support our spiritual practice.

During this weekend we engaged with the reflective tone of January to explore our experience in an inclusive way – paying attention to the beliefs and meanings we have absorbed during our life and the new ways of thinking and experiencing learned from Buddhist teaching.

Download ‘The Three Dharmic Myths’ handout

Viryamati introduces myths and how to work with them.

In Part 1 Jnanamitra considers personal myths that influence her practice.

In Part 2 Jnanamitra relates her personal myths to the three myths described by Subhuti.

Jnanamitra’s talk shows how the three myths work together.