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Meet our Order Members

Although it is part of the worldwide Triratna Buddhist movement, the Ipswich Buddhist Centre is an independently constituted charity in the care of a number of Trustees.

Day to day management of the Centre is in the hands of the *Council under the leadership of the Chairman. The Chairman is supported by our President. Council members are *tagged below.

Teaching is led by ordained members of the Triratna Buddhist Order.

All order members have completed many years of study and dedicated themselves completely to their Buddhist path. At their ordination they are given a Buddhist name.

A number of kulas (working parties) take responsibility for different operational tasks. GET INVOLVED

Everyone gives their time on a voluntary basis.


My name is Swadipa, a name which means “His own light”. I was Ordained in 2008. I was deeply involved with the Centre even before this, being the Secretary of the Council, a role which I continued, but also took on managing the conversion of the building we now occupy from an office to a Buddhist centre. Of course, the transformations have continued since then! I also took on facilitating a number of the regular classes. In 2011 I handed on the job of Centre Secretary and became the Men’s Mitra Convenor for Ipswich. I have held this role for the past ten years, but am now in the process of handing on this responsibility to Viryamati.

Photo of Carumani wearing a pale blue shirt and her kesa.


I was ordained in 2014 and my name, Carumani, means ‘beloved, esteemed jewel’. Since coming along to the Centre in early 2000 Buddhism has changed my life. It’s enjoyable studying and sharing the Buddha's teachings and leading groups as well as supporting the Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation classes. Engaging with others through the Buddhist Centre is important to me. A full and happy life!


I lead the Tuesday lunchtime class, and enjoy Buddhist festivals and many other events around the Buddhist Centre. I have a particular interest in early Buddhism, in links between Buddhism and Western culture and arts, and in care work as a form of spiritual practice.


My name means Skillful Giving. I was ordained by Bodhivamsa in June 2012. From 1985 I practiced with London Buddhist Centre then in Colchester and from 2012 to 2017 with the North London Sangha. I have worked as a research scientist and lecturer with short periods of Team-based Right Livelihood. I am now retired and active in the Ipswich and Colchester Sanghas.


I was ordained in 2016 and my name means 'He of noble humility. A native of Ipswich, I started attending the Centre in 2006 and became a member of the Centre Council as Secretary in 2011. I support the early morning meditation sessions, the Tuesday lunchtime class and Sangha retreats and am involved with Centre activities almost daily. I am one of The Centre's two Safeguarding leads



I was ordained in 1991 and looking for a pioneering situation, I moved to ipswich the following year. I worked in the Evolution shop for 8 years and then established the first Buddhist Centre in Ipswich in the Thoroughfare. I have also been active in establishing Buddhafield East outdoor activities and I am an amateur potter. I am particularly interested in the ways we deepen our meditation practice.



Bodhivamsa has been involved with Buddhism in Ipswich since 1985 and is the Chair of Ipswich Buddhist Centre. He was ordained in 1996. His Ordained name means ‘Protector of the lineage of Enlightenment’. He had a long career working in the Telecoms sector in the UK and Asia. He also has a family with daughters working in Ipswich and Colchester. He was instrumental in setting up both the Ipswich and Colchester Buddhist centres. His greatest joy is assisting people in their discovery of the Buddha's teachings and observing the positive change this brings to their lives.


My name means 'He who has energy and resolve'. I have, along with my wife, been attending the Ipswich Buddist Centre for eleven years. I was ordained in September 2019 on a month-long ordination retreat in Spain. I’m currently supporting the foundation year class and help with the repair and maintenance of the centre. I also help facilitate the 8-step meetings on Sunday evenings.


Arthapriya is President of the Ipswich Buddhist Centre. He is a senior order member living in Cambridge who provides support and guidance to the Centre from a more detached perspective.



I was ordained in 1998 and my name means 'Bright and Beautiful'. I am from London and I was part of the London Buddhist Centre Sangha for nearly 30 years. I worked in Team-based Right Livelihood or worked for the Centre and lived in Communities for many years. I moved to Ipswich in 2015 and I am enjoying getting to know the Sangha. I lead Mitra Study and Practice nights on a Friday.


My name is Prajnakara which means “one who is promoting wisdom in others.” I was ordained at Padmaloka retreat centre in July 2021. I started coming to the Ipswich Buddhist centre in 2004 and enjoyed practicing Meditation with other people. I have been active member of Buddhafield East and supporting the annual summer gathering which takes Buddhism and Meditation into nature. I work as a carpenter plus I teach yoga and have a passion for cycling, growing my own vegetables and being creative with wood.


As a young man I wanted to make the world a better place. I was also drawn to deep meditation. By living life as a Buddhist I’ve successfully managed to do both! Went along to the Glasgow Buddhist Centre when I was 20 yrs old, ordained at 24. Been very involved in Glasgow, Colchester and Ipswich Buddhist Centres. Played wheelchair basketball at International level. Been to three Paralympics as a wheelchair basketball classifier. Am passionate about freeing humanity from suffering and awakening to our deepest human potential.


I had the privilege of being ordained in the middle of the global pandemic and I am grateful to everyone who made that possible. I was given the name Aksayadhi, which means "She whose wisdom is indestructible". When I started attending the Centre in 2006, I told myself I was there only to learn to meditate. I would never have believed that by 2020 I would be not only a Buddhist, but an Order Member too! My life has transformed in many positive ways since I started coming to the Centre. That's why I am so passionate about younger people hearing the Buddha's teaching. What a radically different world we would live in, if more people learned to meditate and practice Buddhist principles. I work as a software engineer and in my spare time, I enjoy learning Spanish.


I first made contact with Triratna (our Buddhist order, then FWBO) in 1974. I was one of the pioneers of the London Buddhist Centre. I later set up a Buddhist Right Livelihood near the LBC called Octagon Architects + Designers -1981-2012. I was Ordained in Tuscany in 1982 on the same retreat as Amoghavajra. I established what was to become the Colchester Buddhist Centre in1988, leaving in 2004 to take Triratna to Guelph, Ontario (see website). I engaged in activities at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre from 2006-16, mainly Newcomers Night and the Mens Group. I gladly returned in 2019.


Council Members (our Trustees)

Please don’t hesitate to raise any issue you wish with any of these Trustees. An email to marked for the attention of a Trustee will always receive a response from a Trustee. 

Bodhivamsa (Chairman), Sthiranaga (Secretary), Ariyanivata (Safeguarding Lead), Barbara Dutch, Mosaic Craigie-Williams, Jnanamitra, Nagarani (Treasurer), Aksayadhi, , Nick Green