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Becoming a Mitra

Becoming a Mitra

How do you know when the time has come?

This is addressed to anyone in whom that little seed has started to sprout – “What is this Mitra business all about?” Maybe you have noticed a Mitra at a class, on the team, helping to support it. Or perhaps you have been to a Mitra ceremony.

So what are the signs that you may be approaching this step, and what does it involve?

The first sign might be that your interest in Buddhism and Meditation has firmed up. From being just something that you had an interest in, and wanted to explore a bit more, it is starting to feel like a Path of significance, that you could fully engage in and commit to. Not that becoming a Mitra is necessarily a vow for life. People do become Mitras and then fall away, but that is always a shame, so it is best to wait until you are sure before embarking on this step. You should also be happy that this Triratna community is a place where you can make that engagement. You will have heard about the Five Ethical Precepts that we talk about, be getting a sense of them, and can feel that you are practising them a little bit more effectively day by day

And what does it involve? I think the first thing is that you are moving from being a visitor to the Centre, to becoming part of a community. As such you may want to get more involved, to give some support. That may involve changing from simply giving some Dana each time to attend, to perhaps making a regular donation to the Centre, to make your financial support more consistent (a great help to the Centre). It might mean helping out with some volunteering, or supporting a class. The next is that you may want to deepen your knowledge, and start following the Mitra study programme. And you may feel you want to engage with other activities, such as Festivals, Men and Women’s activities, and explore going on other Retreats.

So, if these thoughts are going through your mind, you could talk to another Mitra, or any Order Member, and if you feel you want to engage in the process ask any of the Order Members within the Men or Women’s Sangha of which you are a part.

Download the booklet on Becoming a Mitra