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Friends Night Thursdays

I am pleased to let the Sangha know that there will soon be the revival of what was once known as Sangha Night. This time round on a Thursday night the plan is to call it ‘Friends Night’.

Why Friends Night!?

Friendship and spiritual friendship plays a very big part within the Triratna Buddhist Community and I hope that the evening will embody friendship and kalyana mitrata. This being through friends attending and also through those who present, lead and support exemplifying it.

The Order Members running the evening will be Shubha, Bodhivamsa and me. We plan the evenings to give time for those coming along to get to know one another and get to know local and visiting Order Members better.

There will be a theme for the evenings, one such idea I have is for it to be Dhardo’s motto he gave to his school the Indo-Tibet Buddhist Cultural Institute School in Kalimpong. “Cherish the Doctrine, live united, radiate love.” At present, the evening is still “work in progress” with the three of us engaged on it. However, what we all can see is that it is an opportunity to add another dimension to the life of The Ipswich Buddhist Centre.