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How fantastic that you would like to offer a promise to help raise funds for Tiratnaloka [Un]limited and Ipswich Buddhist Centre. Please use the form below to tell us about your offer and then, if you can, send us some images to illustrate your promise in the catalogue.

If you have any questions please email

Please include the basic details that people need to know when bidding. Mention any constrants on who the promise might suit (e.g. best for people with good mobility), etc. Consider whether you need to define limits for your promise e.g number of particpants, a date by which the promise should be taken up, etc.

How many ‘lots’ of this promise shall we sell? For many, it is just one but it may be more.

This will be published in the catalogue.

This is the price below which we should not sell your promise. This helps make sure you don’t end up doing a full day’s gardening for only £10 raised.

Don’t worry. We will find an image if you can’t.

If you can, please send us one or more images to illustrate your promise in the catalogue. Don’t worry if you can’t as we will find something appropriate.

Please attach your image(s) to an email to

Make sure we know what Promise the image(s) relates to.

Thank you for your generosity!