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Meanwhile, down at The Centre

Nick’s new job as Centre Admin Assistant’s has even more variety than anticipated. He writes . . .

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Whilst the IBC is closed, work is at hand to relocate the downstairs toilet fitting to the other side of the room. You may be aware that we have had some trouble with the sewage pump that services this toilet during February and March – it was repaired twice and then stopped working again. This left us with only one working toilet; not enough for our busy centre.
So we are taking the opportunity to build a more permanent, maintenance-free solution – to move the WC to the other side of the wall, and connect the outlet directly to the soil pipe in the hallway cupboard.
This has involved de-constructing part of the magnificent cupboard in the lobby, to get access to the soil pipe, as well de-constructing the false wall, building in additional supports to take the drop down rail, and then reconstructing the false wall again – a sort of now you see it now you don’t!
The new soil pipe will run at low level through the lobby, so we will also be replacing the shoe racks with shelving, to partly box this in.
A big thank you to Tim and Jamie for the loan of some equipment for this work.
Hopefully we will be able to get most of this done before the Centre reopens.