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The news from India is very distressing but it is heartening to know that the Dharma is helping some people to help others. Nick received this text from Kushalveer

Hello Brother Nick,
It’s good to see your message. Thank you very much. 🙏🏽. Me and my family are doing well so far and I wish the same for your family.

Yes that’s very true whatever you have been listening about the situation in India these days.

The health system over here is totally collapsed.

It’s very sad to say that we have lost 8 order members in last 25 days. And some of the dhammamitras also passed away. But it is also true that many of our order friends have completely recovered from Corona and trying to be back to the normal life routine.

However, many people are facing difficulties to keep up their businesses and jobs due to repeated lockdowns. It is affecting people’s state of mind. People are hopeless and in despair. But Triratna movement has been a ray of hope as it constantly has been supporting people in all ways they possibly can, personally as well as collectively.

Well, thank you so very much for your kind concern dear brother.
Much matta


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