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Please help us make the auction as successful as possible by offering a promise for auction. 

Any small or large service that you can offer for auction will be welcome such as  ‘A ride in my vintage motorcar’, ‘A beauty makeover’, ‘Half a day’s decorating’, ‘I’ll write a specially commissioned poem’. 

Just let your imagination go and think about what you could offer! Remember we need little promises as well as big ones so that everybody can participate.

Please submit your Promise by 28th April (sooner would be better). We need a 40 to 80 word description and an image/photo to illustrate it (we can help with an image if you get stuck).

If you think it helpful, you are welcome to suggest a guide price that will be published, and if you like, you can set a reserve price that will not be published but might save you having to do a day’s hard labour for only £20 raised. Please note that if we have too many similar lots we may have to ask you to revise your promise.

Please send your 40-80 words + image to as soon as possible and definitely by 26th April.

If you would like to offer entertainment over Zoom as part of the Auction evening, (the better the evening the more we raise), please contact Mosaic or Irene directly or using the above email address.