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Engaging with IBC online

In order to reduce the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus some of our events have move online whislt some outdoor events continue but using social distancing. Check the event pages for details.

Using Zoom

Zoom is the meeting app that The Centre is using to deliver events online.

Here are our top tips for a better expereince.

  1. ASAP: Install the Zoom app you need for your phone, tablet or computer by clicking on this link and selecting the right installer: If you have the Chrome web browser there is a Zoom plugin that is very easy to use.
  2. ASAP: Use your Zoom app to log into a test meeting and check that your speakers and microphone are working properly:
  3.  Just before the Zoom session: Use your Zoom app to access our session using the link provided. In most cases the link you need is on the relevent event page on this website.
  4. To ensure a smooth experience:
    1. Plug your device in to a charger or ensure a it has a full battery.
    2. Check you have no alarms due to go off during the session.
    3. Log on to the link about 10 mins before the session is due to start

Social media

Do keep in touch with us on social media and check back on this website regularly as it is updated often. Do check-out our YouTube channel

Guide for Zoom Participants

Download this simple pdf guide to using Zoom