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Week in the Life of the Sangha

From 24th to 30th May (Buddha Day), we will be seeking to document and express the full breadth and diversity of the Ipswich Sangha and its practice. Everybody who feels themselves connected to the Ipswich Buddhist Centre is invited to share their practice using the hashtag #ipswichbuddhist.

From the pictures, words, video and other content submitted, the Communications and Engagement kula will create a digital scrapbook to show everything that normally happens (but is usually unseen), in one week in the life of the Sangha. This content will be available online and become part of the Centre’s archive.

How you can participate

  • Share on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc pictures like; meeting other Sangha, your shrine, your meditation, Dharma books you are reading, classes and study groups (ask others if this is okay), using the hashtag #ipswichbuddhist
  • If you don’t have your own social media send words, thoughts and photos to
  • If you have a kula meeting or Chapter Group please screenshot and submit (ask the others in the pics if this is okay). Tell us what you were studying/discussing. send to
  • Share – what we publish on Facebook, Instagram, etc with your own social media networks.