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Visiting other Triratna Buddhist Centres around the world 

The pilgrimage to India may have fired the imagination to travel to far flung places and visit awe-inspiring locations. Or maybe its given you the idea to visit places of natural beauty in this country.  

Whatever you may choose to do, have you considered going to see some of the other Triratna Buddhist Centres in this country or around the world? There are many places with Buddhist Centres that you may not even know exist! How about Adelaide in Australia, Wellington in New Zealand or even Taipei in Taiwan. Perhaps you’re on holiday in Sao Paolo in Brazil or Valencia in Spain. All of these cities have Buddhist Communities that are going for refuge to the Three Jewels, just as we are in Ipswich. 

New Triratna Buddhist Centres are opening up all the time, with help from Order Members like Aryapala who is currently setting up a Centre in Tokyo, Japan and is helping out with activities in English in the Spanish city of Barcelona, which is going very well he notes. 

It is worth visiting Centres closer to home too. Where you can connect with other Sanghas, and make new friends; all the while learning more of the Dharma as you go. There are so many opportunities to progress on the spiritual journey. 

If you go online you can find the Free Buddhist Audio (FBA), and The Buddhist Centre Online who provide resources such as new and previous Online Retreats, Youtube videos, talks and podcasts, which are added to all the time. 

So whether you’re on a shopping trip to Cambridge or a break-away in Helsinki there will always be a way to connect with other Buddhists around the world.

If any of the links are broken please contact the publicity team or why not search online for the centres you want to explore. 

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