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Buddhist Action Month – Special Collection

Our Community Action kula has announced the date of a special collection for Buddhist Action Month.

This will again be for the Soup kitchen, outreach shop and Ipswich Family Bank. There has been a sharp rise in families made homeless due to rising costs and they are being held in hotel rooms. Obviously, there are no cooking facilities so these families are reliant on pot noodles quick pasta pouches, and microwaveable convenience foods. We know it’s a difficult time for everyone and anything we can do to help anyone in need however small has an impact, so thank you for continuing to support these charities.

If you wish to donate please message Sue Double via Slack or email

For the family bank we are collecting:

Tinned goods
Pasta sauces
Pot noodles
Microwaveable convenience foods
Children’s jellies
Nappies size 5 and 6
Any baby clothes

Children and baby toys
Children’s food – such as jellies and cereals
Tinned soup
Toilet rolls
Baby wipes
Individually wrapped biscuits and cakes
Tinned vegetables
Tinned fruit
Long grain rice
Toiletries for men, women and children

For the soup kitchen

Wrapped biscuits
For outreach:
Sleeping bags

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