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Dharma Day Festival

Sunday, July 17th @ 10:30 am 4:00 pm

The Lion’s Roar of Truth in a Conflicted World

There are a lot of loud voices in the world right now – each trying to drown the others out. Social Media can provide a platform to spread disharmony and discontent. Opinion is expressed as fact. Images of people suffering in war-torn countries are dismissed as “Fake News”. People who hold directly opposing political views on topics such as Immigration and Gun Control refuse to compromise, or see others’ points of view. Some people start online campaigns to “cancel” and intimidate anyone who holds views different to their own.

Where is the truth in the midst of all this polarisation? How do we change our own – and other people’s minds – towards living from a deeper truth of compassion, connection and empathy?

Dharma Day celebrates the Buddha’s first successful communication of his experience of Enlightenment. The millions who have heard it since have found a way to find peace and inspiration, even in the midst of the most horrific conditions.

The “Lion’s Roar” of the Buddha’s teaching is as relevant today as it was two and a half thousand years ago. Join us for a day of meditation, storytelling, ritual and reflections that will inspire us to create a more harmonious world for ourselves and others.

Please bring a vegan lunch to share.

How to join

Just turn up at the Centre from 10:00 in time for the 10:30 start. There is no need to book in advance.

This event is offered without charge however please remember that the Centre is powered entirely by your generosity.

Your questions

Is this event suitable for me?

This event is suitable for everyone who is familiar with our two meditation practices and open to Buddhist ritual.

What should I bring?

Bring vegan lunch to share. If you are struggling for ideas this can be as simple as some hummus and carrot sticks, or bread.

Do I need to stay for the full day?

It is best if you can attend for the full day although there is the opportunity to depart or arrive at lunchtime.

4 Friars Bridge Road
Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 1RR United Kingdom
01473 211516
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