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June is BAM month!

BAM is Buddhist Action Month, which takes place throughout June and is organised in Ipswich by Dayasara.

This year we have a number of activities that you can get involved with – feel free to take part in any (or all!) that spark your interest.

Don’t forget that you can add your own actions – don’t be restricted to these suggestions!

Support for the homeless with the Ipswich Soup Kitchen

Dayasara has been working with Ian from The Ipswich Soup Kitchen. During these times the Ipswich Soup kitchen has had to change they way they support the homeless. Currently they are providing food parcels containing packets of crisps and individually wrapped cakes & biscuits. The IBC can support the Soup Kitchen by donating packets of crisps and individually wrapped cakes & biscuits (such as wagon wheels, mini rolls, and similar cake bars). New pairs of socks are also welcome. Sue and Nick are offering to collect any donations, or these can be left at the Centre by prior arrangement (while the Centre remains closed). Collection date Friday 26th June.

Continuing Support for the Lighthouse Women’s Refuge:

Whilst donating crisps and individually wrapped cakes & biscuits; if there is anything else you would like to donate to the Lighthouse, we can collect  this at the same time. Please feel free to donate items you feel would be needed by women in this situation. Collection date Friday 26th June; as above.

Extending beyond you own your ethical boundaries

As part of BAM, we can all consider how we can positively modify our actions and behaviour to increase our awareness and extend our ethical boundaries. Personal actions could include:

  • When ordering online; taking the time to find and purchase through local, independent retailers.
  •  Try and shop plastic free
  •  Buy second hand clothes, rather than new
  • Decrease the amount of waste you put in your black bin – what else and how can you recycle more that you are at the moment – an opportunity for mindfully recycling and composting!

Advice can be found here:

  • Looking at ways of enhancing the way you live with regard to non-exploitation? 

For example; – could you use less energy at home? How about changing energy supplier to one that has higher renewable energy generation? Could you increase the number of vegetarian / vegan meals you have? Could you source more of your food from local farm shops? How about looking at where and how that new item of clothing you might buy is made? 

Please feel free to post any other suggestions on the Slack channel (details below)

Litter Pick- local to you

Is there an area near you that would benefit from a litter pick? June would be a good time to safely and mindfully collect any litter, and hopefully recycle this where possible. Don’t forget to post any pictures on the Slack channel.

Share what you are doing

It would be great if you could join the Slack channel #BAM-Buddhist-Action-Month for the opportunity to make and share ideas, as well as posting pictures of your local litter picking and other activities for our Sangha section of the Website. We would also use that channel to co-ordinate a collective litter pick; subject to social distancing measures.

Alternatively, please email the Comms & Engagement Kula on We would love to hear about and see your BAM actions! 

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