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Litter Pickers on the Loose!

Buddhist Action Month (BAM) holds an annual litter pick in June, lead by me – Dayasara. This year saw members of the Ipswich Sangha enter into the spirit of BAM, which is often focused on ever-rising environmental and climate concerns. So this all-round positive activity links in well with BAM’s focus. 

This year on Sunday June 19th a determined quartet set off along the banks of the River Gipping, resolved to save the planet! Or at least to clear some bottles, tins and general tut from the riverbank.

This is not only a chance to have a refreshing walk, but it offers the opportunity to get into conversations with passers-by and get to know other Sangha friends a bit better. We met a large family, with one of the boys in the midst of a litter-picking school project. And a man with whom we marvelled at the quantities of beer consumed by anglers… How do they avoid keeling into the river?

Finally covered in glory, and not too much mess, we returned to my home for an excellent lunch in the garden. This included Graham and Ann’s veggie sausage rolls and other delights. 

For more information on the Centre’s litter-picking activities please contact me. 

The photo is of Graham, myself and Ann, and was taken by Paula. 

Much Metta- Dayasara 

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