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The Burning House by Shantigarbha

Shantigarbha’s The Burning House – A Buddhist response to the climate and ecological emergency.

The Burning House, which Shantigarbha describes as ‘A Buddhist view’ not ‘The Buddhist view’ is a really powerful read. In it he describes his experiences, his views and his response to the climate and ecological emergency happening in the world right now. 

Shantigarbha is an order member from the Triratna Buddhist Community and a Nonviolent Communications trainer, helping to coordinate nonviolence and de-escalation training for Extinction Rebellion, amongst many other pursuits, which are discussed in this work. 

In The Burning House Shantigarbha offers many helpful ways to overcome such things as ecological grief, he shows us how to transform anger into a positive emotion, and how gratitude is a powerful tool for cultivating positive energy. There’s also a chapter on climate comedy! It’s not all doom and gloom. In fact this book is engaging, positive and creative, it provides the reader with ways of exploring the climate and ecological emergency without becoming overwhelmed by all the negativity surrounding the subject.

To add to the breadth of this book there are also mediations to listen to at the end of each chapter. Windhorse Publications provide free audio resources on their website – it’s very easy to access and well worth using. 

I highly recommend this book, not only did it help me to understand what is really going on regarding the climate and ecological emergency, but I was given ways to harness my good intentions and help change the world! This publication really needs two reads, there is so much in it, and the Dharma is so beautifully woven into the whole work with compassion, skill and knowledge, I may have to go back to chapter one again!

Book review by Wendie Alexander

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