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Changes to the way we pay for events at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre

We are all aware of the recent sharp increase in the costs of living and sky-rocketing bills and energy prices that are affecting us all, and this includes the Centre, which is having to change the way some of the events held there are paid for this coming year. 

The changes are for events outside the normal festival days, which are still on a dāna (generosity) basis. Festival days are Buddha Day, Dharma Day, Sangha Day, Padmasambhava Day and other yearly events in the Buddhist calendar. 

Events outside of the festival days, such as men’s and women’s sangha gatherings will now be offered via a ticket operating system. Ticket prices vary and concessions are made for those on a low income. However, if you find you cannot afford to pay for a ticket please speak to the event organisers who will be happy to suggest a way for you to attend.

The central Buddhist practice of dāna comes in many different forms. Such as volunteering at the Centre, buying items from the bookshop, a monthly standing order or tapping the card machine every time you visit. This dāna helps the Centre to stay open for those who attend now and will be attending in the future. Which means that going for refuge to the Three Jewels, and spreading the Dharma can continue in Ipswich for the foreseeable future.

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