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Two new Order Members for Ipswich

On 27th April 19 men joined the Triratna Buddhist Order at Padmaloka, our men’s retreat centre in Norfolk. Amongst them where two fine men from the Ipswich Sangha.

Many of you will know them from the support they already give to classes and events at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre. Amoghavajra and Bodhivamsa attended the 2 week Ordination retreat and Privately Ordained Jamie and Nick respectively, at the beginning of the retreat, 9 days before. During this time, this ‘Bardo’, only the new Order Member and their Private Preceptor know their new name. However, at the Public Ordinations the new names become public and are revealed to everyone.

The public Ordination ceremony was beautifully led by Padmavajra. We had a picture of Arthapriya on the shrine who was originally going to lead the ordinations but unfortunately is to ill to carry out that duty. Arthapriya has a strong connection with Ipswich and has been our President for many years and also took part in our pilgrimage to India.

After the Ordinations the Order Members will go straight onto a longer, 10 week retreat which is held in a special retreat Centre in the mountains of Spain.

Their new names are:

  • Viśvabandhu (Ex-Nick) which translates as ‘One who is a Friend to Every One’
  • Kamalasīha (Ex-Jamie) – which translates as ‘Lion who is like a Red Lotus’

Both names are in the Sanskrit language which, along with Pali is used in ancient Buddhist texts.