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Bodhivamsa is the Chair of the Ipswich Buddhist Centre.

‘Self’ Awareness

We have all heard the philosophical refrain: “I think therefore I am”. This first principle of René Descartes’s philosophy was made in 1637. This concept has underpinned much of Western philosophy. It forms the basis of how we perceive ourselves, as a thinking being able to understand the world around… Read More »‘Self’ Awareness


E=MC² is a formula we are probably all familiar with. This is Einstein’s ‘simple’ equation to explain the basics of the physical universe, his Special Relativity theory. It is composed of just 4 characters and one of those characters brings with it Time. This Time is in the form of… Read More »E=MC²

Four Gifts

Chairs Homily – January 2024 Once again we have gone around the whole year and are starting again. We seem to place some importance to the new year. It is interesting that we quickly move away from the obvious, that time is continuous, it is continually changing, and try to… Read More »Four Gifts

Meetings & Partings

December homily Last week I had a couple of moving goodbyes or partings with friends. Last Thursday we finally said goodbye to Leigh, who is off to Cambridge to live and work for a Triratna organisation, the Windhorse Trust. I also said goodbye to Kusaladana, who many of you know,… Read More »Meetings & Partings

Let Your Mettā Flow

There is not much that we can be certain about in this world, but one of them does seem to be that wars happen. As you are probably all aware another war or conflict has started between the nations of the Middle East, with thousands of people killed in just… Read More »Let Your Mettā Flow

Why Padmasambhava?

This month begins with a spiritual bang! On Sunday we have Padmasambhava Day, a Triratna Buddhist festival that we celebrate every year. Over the last few weeks, lots of you have asked me about Padmasambhava and why, in Triratna, we celebrate him. So I thought I’d give a little explanation… Read More »Why Padmasambhava?

From Tension to Tranquil

Chair’s Homily August 2023 Last Wednesday during ‘Midweek for Mitras’ we looked at a traditional list called the Seven Factors of Awakening. This list ends with a factor called Upeksha. Simply translated as calm or tranquil, implying that the Buddha – The Awakened one – was always calm and tranquil.… Read More »From Tension to Tranquil