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Bodhivamsa is the Chair of the Ipswich Buddhist Centre.

Coronavirus Buddhism Ipswich

Following yesterday’s briefing by the Prime Minister, we have decided to close the Ipswich Buddhist Centre to the public, with immediate effect, until at least end of April. We will of course update you as more government advice is given. If you are currently booked on a course which falls during this initial closure… Read More »Coronavirus Buddhism Ipswich

Contexts for Intensity

I have just returned from the European Chairs’ convention at Adhisthana.  This is a twice yearly event where over 50 chairs of Centres around Europe come together to share ideas and discuss Centre related matters. This meeting was special in that we set the priorities for the next 3 to… Read More »Contexts for Intensity

Sangha Retreat

Going on retreat can be a life changing event, even if it is only for a weekend. Last weekend we held our winter Sangha retreat in the beautiful Vajrasana. This retreat was a little special as we managed to have Paramananda lead the retreat. Paramananda is well known for his… Read More »Sangha Retreat

Chairman’s message

It is now December, the time of the winter festival.  A festival that has been appropriated by many religions but comes from simpler, ancient times to mark the turning point from long winter nights to the promise of long summer days to come.  Mostly, these days, we seem to mark… Read More »Chairman’s message