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Bodhivamsa is the Chair of the Ipswich Buddhist Centre.

From lockdown to enlightenment

From lockdown to enlightenment Since early on in the history of Buddhism there has been a notion that you need a certain set of good conditions to achieve Nirvana or Enlightenment. In some of the Asian Buddhist countries, such as China, Korea and Japan, this was taken to the extreme.… Read More »From lockdown to enlightenment

The start of new things

Many years ago, when we where a very agrarian society, it was the Spring that signalled the start of new things. In our modern society it seems to be that September and the end of Summer is the time when we think about starting new training or taking up new… Read More »The start of new things

Lockdown doesn’t stop us!

We have just held our first online retreat. It was a great success for those for whom it was their first retreat and for those that have been to many Sangha retreats. Obviously, some elements of a physical retreat are missing. But the online retreat gave many advantages as you… Read More »Lockdown doesn’t stop us!

Go beyond the waiting

I was looking forward to the Centre opening its doors at the beginning of July. The government had said with the continued reduction in the infection rate, then places of worship can open. However, with the 2-metre distancing in place, we can only allow 8 people into the Centre. With… Read More »Go beyond the waiting

Coronavirus Buddhism Ipswich

Following yesterday’s briefing by the Prime Minister, we have decided to close the Ipswich Buddhist Centre to the public, with immediate effect, until at least end of April. We will of course update you as more government advice is given. If you are currently booked on a course which falls during this initial closure… Read More »Coronavirus Buddhism Ipswich

Contexts for Intensity

I have just returned from the European Chairs’ convention at Adhisthana.  This is a twice yearly event where over 50 chairs of Centres around Europe come together to share ideas and discuss Centre related matters. This meeting was special in that we set the priorities for the next 3 to… Read More »Contexts for Intensity