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Two Warm Sangha Retreats

The Ipswich Buddhist Centre sangha retreats will be held at the beautiful Vajrasana, which is in the middle of the Suffolk Countryside. The dates for the retreats are 2nd – 4th June and 18th – 20th August 2023. Both will be in the warm summer one at the beginning and one near the end, which means, no chilly walks, cold feet or great big suitcases full of jumpers! You’ll be able to enjoy warm weather on both retreats while you enjoy catching up with sangha friends old and new. Plus plenty of meditation and as always a fantastic Saturday night Puja (Buddhist Ritual). 

Sangha retreats are always worthwhile. They provide time to go deeper into ones practice, and are a place to experience serenity, spirituality and sangha.  Add the dates to your diary and look out for more information to come. 


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