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Bumper Buddha Box Collection

Our Community Action kula delivered more than 400 items and 20 bags of clothes given by the Sangha and friends as part of our latest charity collection.

The boxes of donations were delivered to Lighthouse Womens Aid and Ipswich Outreach (supporting homeless people). The donations included enough teabags for 600 cuppas and more than 300 bags of chrisps plus numerous other essentials, gifts and toys. 

“The project is important,” said Dayasara “Because it gives some support to vulnerable people. Equally it helps us as Buddhists to take our values ‘beyond the meditation cushion’ and out into the wider world.”

Nick said “Our Kula is overwhelmed by the generosity of our Sangha for the biggest collection yet. We have made a real difference by providing tangible assistance to two local charities doing their best providing help and support to both women in crisis and to those in Ipswich who are struggling for something to eat and with staying warm and dry – something many of us take for granted. We are extremely grateful to all those who have donated and given their time to collect, sort & deliver”

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