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Go Monthly!

Our Centre doesn’t receive any regular grants or subsidy. Everything that happens, from the amazing teaching to the secret cleaning and cost of the biscuits happens only because of your generosity. No one is paid and we all contribute so THANK YOU! The Centre’s core income is from monthly donations… Read More »Go Monthly!

Raise funds for our Centre

Raising funds for our Centre is a great way to express your gratitude for what the Centre has bought you and also ensure that others can benefit as you have. Ipswich Buddhist Centre now has a presence on Just Giving to help anyone who wants to do something remarkable –… Read More »Raise funds for our Centre

Compassion in action with Karuna

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Mitra’s, this is a great opportunity. Karuna is recruiting now for it’s 2023 appeals. Karuna, a charity inspired by Buddhist values, works alongside the most excluded people in South Asia, overcoming discrimination with locally-led education, gender equality and sustainable livelihood projects. It’s unique fundraising approach is motivated by Buddhist ethics.… Read More »Compassion in action with Karuna

Follow the Pilgrims

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On Wednesday 11th January at 4:30pm the first fifteen of the twenty-three pilgrims will leave Ipswich Buddhist Centre for Heathrow ready to catch an early flight to India the following day. Days Hours Those who are completing all three legs of the Pilgrimage will be away for a total of… Read More »Follow the Pilgrims

March Collection Announced

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Generosity is an important part of Buddhist spiritual practice and the Sangha’s generous donations make a big difference to local charities. The Community Action Kula are putting out this latest appeal for items to help these important local charities.The dates for collection of donations will be Friday 4th March and… Read More »March Collection Announced