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Compassion in action with Karuna

Mitra’s, this is a great opportunity. Karuna is recruiting now for it’s 2023 appeals.

Karuna, a charity inspired by Buddhist values, works alongside the most excluded people in South Asia, overcoming discrimination with locally-led education, gender equality and sustainable livelihood projects. It’s unique fundraising approach is motivated by Buddhist ethics. They do not pressure people into giving. Instead, they give time and space to people so that they can make a considered, conscious choice to support Karuna’s work.

By practising patience and compassion, Karuna volunteers find new supporters to join it’s work. They fundraise in a UK town or city for six weeks, often living in shared accommodation, eating and meditating together five days a week. This makes Karuna appeals an opportunity to do something for others as well as with others, deepening one’s spiritual practice within the context of a supportive and like-minded community. More here…

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