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Becoming More Involved

Go Monthly!

Our Centre doesn’t receive any regular grants or subsidy. Everything that happens, from the amazing teaching to the secret cleaning and cost of the biscuits happens only because of your generosity. No one is paid and we all contribute so THANK YOU! The Centre’s core income is from monthly donations… Read More »Go Monthly!

Raise funds for our Centre

Raising funds for our Centre is a great way to express your gratitude for what the Centre has bought you and also ensure that others can benefit as you have. Ipswich Buddhist Centre now has a presence on Just Giving to help anyone who wants to do something remarkable –… Read More »Raise funds for our Centre

Foundation Dharma Study Night

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In January 2021 Bodhivamsa will be holding a new evening study group for those wanting to take their interest in Buddhism further. The study evenings follow the First Year of the 4 year Mitra study course. The first year is available to those who have completed the Level 1 and/or… Read More »Foundation Dharma Study Night

Christmas Collection

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The Community Action Kula is launching a Christmas campaign – collecting donations, from Sangha, their friends & family, for the homeless & The Lighthouse Women’s refuge.  For the homeless (supporting the Ipswich Outreach shop) we are putting together ‘Buddha Boxes’ containing clothes for the winter, such as hats, gloves jeans &… Read More »Christmas Collection

Community Action launched

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Whilst Sangha members have always played their part in living the Dharma through practical action, this has stepped up a level with the introduction of a new Community Action kula (working group) and a new Community Action page on the website. If you are a regular with the Centre and… Read More »Community Action launched

Next six week ‘Buddhism for Beginners’ course announced

The two six week courses, level 1 and level two ‘Buddhism for Beginners’ provide the perfect introduction to meditation and Buddhist ethics. The courses are presented live online so you can participate from virtually anywhere. The event page has more details

BAM 7-day Action Calendar

Our amazing BAM kula has produced a stunning downloadable ‘Action Calendar’ to help us all engage with the Buddist Action Month and provide a spring board to carry it on. Please share your BAM activities (in line with Buddhist principles) and any difference it made to others, the community, the planet,… Read More »BAM 7-day Action Calendar