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Saturday Intro Session

September 2, 2023 @ 10:30 am 12:30 pm

The Saturday morning sessions aim to give you a practical way to live the life you really want and to explore what the Buddhist path looks and feels like.

Each session includes an introduction to meditation followed by a presentation and discussion on an aspect of Buddhist practice.

You are welcome to come along whenever you can and get this taste of ‘Freedom’.

Each of our Saturday morning Introductory sessions stands alone but we do recommend that you come regularly to have the support to bring about lasting change in your life.

Current theme: Old Wisdom for a New World

‘All Buddhist Traditions trace their lineage back to the historical Buddha who lived in North East India 2,500 years ago. His life and teaching is well documented. During the course of the next eight weeks we will draw out and explore these profound teachings and their relevance for 21st Century life.’

Themes will include –

  • How to know if something is True. How can we work this out by ourselves? Is there any benefit to be gained from wise friends? Kalama Sutta.
  • When we are influenced by many differing values, how do we find our moral compass? How do we navigate through the different choices we must make in life? (Lokapala Sutta)
  • The Buddha taught a Path to alleviate suffering. He taught that there was some inescapable suffering in life, but that the greater part of our suffering was avoidable. How to free ourselves from this avoidable suffering? (Salaka Sutta)
  • Metta is the Buddhist word for Loving Kindness. How do we develop a tender, loving heart in a challenging world? (Metta Sutta)
  • Living an ‘examined life’ – is there any guidance? What would this look like? (Mangala Sutta)
  • Worldly events have a huge impact on our lives. It can feel like we are standing at the centre of a hurricane, with strong powerful winds buffeting us, blowing us around. How can the heart-mind be peaceful in all this? (Lokavipatti Sutta)

How to join

This class is no longer on Zoom, but you can join us in-person at The Centre.

The class is offered without charge but please remember that the Centre is powered by your generosity. GIVING PAGE


These sessions are led and/or supported by these wonderful people:

Amoghavajra & Sue
Ariyanivata & Ivan
4 Friars Bridge Road
Ipswich, IP1 1RR United Kingdom