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Nature of Mind

Introducing The Nature of Mind project: a 6-month season of events featuring prominent psychologists, neuroscientists, and meditators. Including interactive seminars, meditation masterclasses, and retreats. Hosted by Adhisthana, International Buddhist Centre.

This is a Triratna-wide initiative that will look at various aspects of our mind over the next three months.
Each month’s activities will begin with a senior Buddhist teacher in conversation with a special guest who has been working in the field of the mind. The special guests include: Philip Goff, Paul Gilbert, Penny Sartori and Iain McGilchrist.

The Project kicks-off on Friday 4th February with Jnanavaca interviewing Ian McGilchrist. The interview starts at 7pm and runs for 90 minutes.

Iain McGilchrist, is the author of the critically acclaimed work, The Master and His Emissary and a new book, The Matter With Things. These explore the implications of our divided brain, with profound consequences for how we experience our life and each other.

The topics raised in the interviews will be explored in a number of ways over that month.

Most of this will be online with some in-person events at Adhisthana.

Each month there will also be a week of online meditation sessions. These Meditation Masterclass’s will be led by senior Triratna meditation teachers, Maitreyabandhu, Sona and Vidyamala. The first Master Class is called the Embodied Mind – 7 to 11 Feb. 7am – 8:30am This will be led by Maitreyabandhu from the Adhisthana Studio

Meditation Masterclass | Embodied Mind – 7 to 11 Feb – Adhisthana

If you wish to attend any of the sessions please register your interest on the project website and you will be sent the zoom links.

The project’s social media links:
Instagram: @_adhisthana_
Facebook: Adhisthana

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