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New Order Member – Prajnakara

‘One who promotes wisdom in others’

Our Sangha is celebrating the ordination of one of our valued friends as a member Triratna Buddhist Order.

An ordination involves making a lifelong commitment to following the Buddhist path within the Triratna tradition and comes only following years of study and practice. Ordination is only offered when experienced Order Members can recognise the full and wholehearted commitment of the individual, evidenced through genuine changes in them, which indicate their effective ‘going for refuge’.

An ordination includes elements of birth into a new life and so a Buddhist name is given. The names are made up of words that would have been in use in India during the life of the Buddha. Our new order member who we once knew as Tim is now Prajnakara. The name means ‘One who promotes wisdom in others’.

His ordination took place at the Padmaloka retreat centre in Norfolk on 8th July.

Don’t miss our opportunity to welcome Prajnakara and celebrate his momentous step along the Buddhist path at Friends Night on Thursday 22nd July

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