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Young Buddhist: First Friday

Come along for a lively discussion on one of Buddhism most popular teachings. (Check back here for updated info on the theme of the evening nearer the time!) Friendship, Connection, Transformation and the all important Cake! Come and get it all at our First Friday class. There will be meditation,… Read More »Young Buddhist: First Friday

Meditation Diaries

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Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, Meditation Diaries is an evening to explore and share our experience of meditation. The aim of the evening is to keep our own meditation alive and support and improve our daily practice. The evening is led by two of our most experienced meditation leaders Jnanamitra… Read More »Meditation Diaries

OM/Mitra Evening

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All Order Members and Mitras are warmly encouraged to attend this meeting which is our opportunity to hear about and discuss developments at our Centre. Doors open just before 7:00pm. More details to follow, nearer the time. How to Join This meeting is held at the Centre, please arrive just… Read More »OM/Mitra Evening

Sadhu to Leigh!

Our dear friend and shining light of the Ipswich sangha is going forth to live in a Buddhist Community in Cambridge. This is our chance to send him off on the next phase of his spiritual journey with a Three-fold Puja and cake. Come if you can. Note 7:00pm start.… Read More »Sadhu to Leigh!

Young Buddhist: First Friday

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Karma vs Justice Karma is one of the most misunderstood concepts in Buddhism. It’s not quite as straightforward as, “When we do bad things, bad things happen to us”. Karma is, in fact, a complex concept where many conditions – not just the behaviour of one individual – can determine… Read More »Young Buddhist: First Friday


Padmasambhava Festival Day

The figure of Padmasambhava embodies qualities of mind that lie deeply within us and that we can access and develop through practise. This Padmasambhava Day we’ll be exploring the Tantric Master of Buddhism by evoking him through devotional practise. We’ll have three themed pujas, each of which will draw out… Read More »Padmasambhava Festival Day