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women's day 2024

Women’s Day with Danasamudra

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Women’s Sangha Gathering. The wonderful Dharmacharini Danasamudra will be joining us to lead Women’s Day at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre. This will be on the theme of ‘Writing as Practice’. This event is open to you regardless of whether you write or not. Writing is a fascinating way to explore… Read More »Women’s Day with Danasamudra

Mitra Ceremony 12th July 2023

Mitra Ceremony

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We are delighted that Frankie Minihane, Vera Tomschak and Rebecca Chung (Becs) have taken the step to become Mitras. Do come along and join the Sangha for a very special celebration. This is an evening where we welcome those who want to take their commitment to Buddhism further, by becoming… Read More »Mitra Ceremony

Dharma Day Festival

‘Lesser known gems’ On this day we will celebrate the Dharma (the Buddha’s teaching) and look at some wonderful, though lesser-known material. Alongside this we will be keeping in mind Sangharakshita (Bhante), who founded the Triratna Buddhist Community in 1967. For so many of us he is “the man who… Read More »Dharma Day Festival