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Vajrasana Update

You may have seen in the local papers that the Vajrasana Retreat Centre is up for sale and you might be concerned that Vajrasana will no longer be available to us for retreats in the peaceful Suffolk countryside. 

Centres and other Institutions of Triratna have mostly been managing to financially weather the storm of the pandemic.  However, those that have suffered the most have been our retreat centres. Without us going on retreat their income streams have dried up and they have had to rely on their reserves.  Many have taken well to providing online retreats, such as Tiratnaloka. With the lock-downs being extended, and no online offering, Vajrasana has not managed to stay solvent. Although closely associated with the London Buddhist Centre(LBC) they are a separate legal entity, a company. Their largest creditor is the LBC who lent the money to Vajrasana to do the wonderful refurbishments that we enjoyed last year. 

So putting Vajrasana on the market is a stage in a legal process that will culminate in the LBC taking full control of Vajrasana and, once again, we will be able to have retreats once the restrictions allow.  We did have a retreat at Vajrasana planned for February this year, but that has been cancelled because of Covid-19 restrictions. We are currently talking with the Vajrasana team about when we can safely book a retreat for later this year.

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