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Windhorse – Free the Dharma

You are probably familar with the wonderful Windhorse Publications, a right-livelyhood organisation who for so many years have helped spread the Dharma and supported many of us in our studies through the publication and supply of the books and resources we all need. 

Aware that the bookshops in Buddhist Centres are temporarily unavailable at a time when the Dharma is as important to us as ever, Windhorse has responded with a Stay at Home sale and a periodic free E-Book to download.

The Stay at Home sale offers a third-off the price of selected titles for the month of April whilst the free E-Books link is a giveaway to subscribers to their regular free newsletter.

This week’s free eBook is Tales of Freedom. You can download it here. Its author, Vessantara, tackles how to work with our minds when the chips are down. Vessantara is one of Triratna’s most experienced retreat and meditation leaders. He is also a very good storyteller. He shows us that we can find freedom even when life isn’t easy or predictable. Freedom of the kind the Buddha taught is possible whatever your situation. Even when it’s extreme. Even in a crisis. 

You can still download their second free eBook, Sailing the Worldly Winds here until the 13th of April. 

To subscribe to the Windhorse Publications free newsletter just visit

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