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The Art of Communication

Chair’s Homily for July I am at Adhisthana this week on the European Chairs Assembly, where ideas and proposals abound in many different languages. Sitting chatting, whilst eating breakfast, I notice on my left Viryakirti from Mexico and Silamani from Valencia, Spain. On my right is Aryabandhu from Berlin and… Read More »The Art of Communication

Accepting Change

Chairs Homily – May 2023 After 2,500 years of history and innumerable attempts to clarify the Buddha’s message, Buddhism can still seem very complex. But at its heart it is very simple. It is about change and the acceptance of change. The problem comes because we want stability and permanence.… Read More »Accepting Change

Shedding our iron-rings

I have been back from India and the Ipswich Pilgrimage for a week now and returning to ‘normal’ life is occurring slowly. As with any spiritual journey, such as a retreat or in this case, a Pilgrimage, the world never seems quite what it was when you left. The difference… Read More »Shedding our iron-rings

The Gift of the Dharma

Chairs message– December 2022 Once again we enter the season that on the surface seems to be characterised by Greed. A time when we ask for and receive presents and gifts. Over the last hundred years or so, this season of giving seems to have been taken over by commercial… Read More »The Gift of the Dharma

Transform the Demon of Greed

Over the last few days at various gatherings, I have been talking to or thinking about, several young people just into their early 30’s. Two had a strong interest in Buddhism, one in Hinduism and one had no apparent aspirations. One young person in my thoughts today, died very recently.… Read More »Transform the Demon of Greed

The Burning House by Shantigarbha

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Shantigarbha’s The Burning House – A Buddhist response to the climate and ecological emergency. The Burning House, which Shantigarbha describes as ‘A Buddhist view’ not ‘The Buddhist view’ is a really powerful read. In it he describes his experiences, his views and his response to the climate and ecological emergency… Read More »The Burning House by Shantigarbha

Friends Night welcomes Devamitra

This Thursday 17th Feb at Friends Night we have the book launch by Devamitra. The book is called ‘Entertaining Cancer: The Buddhist Way.‘ In Entertaining Cancer, Devamitra chronicles his years of treatment for prostate cancer. He describes the fatigue, the heightened sense of being alive, and the discomforts and indignities… Read More »Friends Night welcomes Devamitra

New Year, New Now

We are going through that period that is the end of the last year and the beginning of the next, a Bardo, to use a Buddhist term. The Earth, our precious planet, has fully circled the Sun taking just over 365 days. It is a good time to reflect on… Read More »New Year, New Now