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The Burning House by Shantigarbha

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Shantigarbha’s The Burning House – A Buddhist response to the climate and ecological emergency. The Burning House, which Shantigarbha describes as ‘A Buddhist view’ not ‘The Buddhist view’ is a really powerful read. In it he describes his experiences, his views and his response to the climate and ecological emergency… Read More »The Burning House by Shantigarbha

Friends Night welcomes Devamitra

This Thursday 17th Feb at Friends Night we have the book launch by Devamitra. The book is called ‘Entertaining Cancer: The Buddhist Way.‘ In Entertaining Cancer, Devamitra chronicles his years of treatment for prostate cancer. He describes the fatigue, the heightened sense of being alive, and the discomforts and indignities… Read More »Friends Night welcomes Devamitra

New Year, New Now

We are going through that period that is the end of the last year and the beginning of the next, a Bardo, to use a Buddhist term. The Earth, our precious planet, has fully circled the Sun taking just over 365 days. It is a good time to reflect on… Read More »New Year, New Now