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Other Buddhist Centres

Sacred Sale Success

A joyous event took place at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre on Sunday 12th March. With the addition of donations and advance & post-sale purchases, £1,600 was raised for Tiratanaloka. The funds will support the effort to develop a bigger retreat center to prepare more women for ordination. This will help deliver… Read More »Sacred Sale Success

Compassion in action with Karuna

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Mitra’s, this is a great opportunity. Karuna is recruiting now for it’s 2023 appeals. Karuna, a charity inspired by Buddhist values, works alongside the most excluded people in South Asia, overcoming discrimination with locally-led education, gender equality and sustainable livelihood projects. It’s unique fundraising approach is motivated by Buddhist ethics.… Read More »Compassion in action with Karuna

International Sangha Day

A Festival of Light: 28th November What does Sangha mean to you? Most of the time our sense of Sangha is naturally focused around our local situation, our local Centre or group, perhaps even our circle of Sangha friends within that. But you are also part of a global Sangha… Read More »International Sangha Day

The Dharma Web

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One of the upsides of the lockdown is the proliferation of dharma activities online. The IBC offering is a great place to start but there are other gems out there, Here is a handpicked selection. Meditation and Reflection Buddhist Centre Online. Dharma Toolkit. Online meditation, twice a day, 7.30am and… Read More »The Dharma Web