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Retreats, Classes and Events

Sangha Retreat at Vajrasana

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The Ipswich Buddhist Centre is pleased to announce the upcoming Sangha retreat on 17th-19th September. Situated at the beautiful Vajrasana Retreat Centre in the stunning Suffolk countryside.  Come along and meditate in the awe-inspiring shrine room. Listen to talks from our experienced Buddhist Order Members. Perhaps enjoy a walk in… Read More »Sangha Retreat at Vajrasana

New topic for Friends Night

From Thursday 14th January, Friends Night will move on to explore a new topic under its theme of ‘Developing Sangha’. Having completed ‘Developing Sangha through spiritual friendship‘ the focus moves to ‘Developing Sangha through Dharma practice‘. A number of speakers will provide insight into the topic including guest speakers such… Read More »New topic for Friends Night

Foundation Dharma Study Night

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In January 2021 Bodhivamsa will be holding a new evening study group for those wanting to take their interest in Buddhism further. The study evenings follow the First Year of the 4 year Mitra study course. The first year is available to those who have completed the Level 1 and/or… Read More »Foundation Dharma Study Night

Be different this Christmas

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Winter Meditation Retreat @home 25th, 26th & 27th Dec It’s Christmas! Will your life be filled with excess, complex family dynamics or perhaps you will be on your own? Our Buddhist Centre is able to offer you some respite over the Christmas period. For the first time we will be… Read More »Be different this Christmas

International Sangha Day

A Festival of Light: 28th November What does Sangha mean to you? Most of the time our sense of Sangha is naturally focused around our local situation, our local Centre or group, perhaps even our circle of Sangha friends within that. But you are also part of a global Sangha… Read More »International Sangha Day

The start of new things

Many years ago, when we where a very agrarian society, it was the Spring that signalled the start of new things. In our modern society it seems to be that September and the end of Summer is the time when we think about starting new training or taking up new… Read More »The start of new things

Next six week ‘Buddhism for Beginners’ course announced

The two six week courses, level 1 and level two ‘Buddhism for Beginners’ provide the perfect introduction to meditation and Buddhist ethics. The courses are presented live online so you can participate from virtually anywhere. The event page has more details